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About Personal Strategy Coaching:

A productive coaching relationship begins with two people with fires in their bellies: one who wants desperately to move forward and another who yearns to help that person make the journey.  –James A. Belasco

Do you feel stuck? Do you struggle with life balance? Do you wish your business could bring in more income but don’t know how to maximize its potential? Are you struggling with being the parent you want to be? Have you experienced a personal disaster and you need help rebuilding and restructuring your life?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then personal strategy coaching is for you!
A personal strategy coach comes alongside you and helps you identify your internal and external barriers to success and fulfillment. Through concrete customized exercises revolving around your specific needs, your coach will help you come up with a strategy to navigate through your obstacles, maximize your joy, and fulfill your purpose.

If your business has reached a ceiling, or if you are in a 9-5 and want to switch to owning your own business, your coach will help you analyze the lifestyle you want and give you a strategy to help you execute the right path to get there.helping-hand

If you feel pulled in too many directions and you struggle with balancing kids, your business, and your relationships and obligations in life, your coach will help you streamline your schedule, manage your time efficiently, and be more present in each situation you go through.

If you have experienced a personal tragedy, loss, or have been affected by addiction, your coach will help you assess your situation and rebuild your life around joy and healing through self-care, support, and safety.

Regardless of your situation, a personal strategy coach can help you identify your obstacles and gain tangible results through exercises specifically designed for your personal journey. To get powerful results, momentum, and to become empowered to make the most out of every opportunity, contact Coach Elyssa today to get started with your personal strategy coaching!

Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life. –Chicago Tribune

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About Elyssa:

Elyssa Smith is a seasoned life coach who helps moms identify their internal and external barriers to success – in parenting, in business, and in relationships – so they can streamline their lives, maximize their joy, and fulfill their purpose.

She has an extensive background in performance coaching and working with athletes, musicians and speakers to build confidence and poise. She works with entrepreneurs on online and in person stage presence, and specializes in empowering mompreneurs to live in balance without sacrificing success. She also specifically works with new moms to help them empower their children to communicate early and avoid tantrums (so momma can enjoy life and get some WORK done!).

She also has a great deal of experience helping families affected by addiction to rebuild their lives using boundaries, self-care, and a strong support network to maximize their ability heal.

Coach Elyssa is a proud momma of a feisty red-haired toddler named Ethan. She and her husband love chasing him around the park by the marina where they live in Jersey City, NJ, along with their fetch-a-holic terrier named Lizzy. When she isn’t chasing her son or throwing a tennis ball for her pup, she is slowly getting back to her pre-baby love of going for long runs. She loves traveling, dancing, anything outdoorsy, has a fascination with survivalism and living off the land, and plans to become a stunt or race car driver as soon as she can manage it.

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