Your Best Moment



If you are looking for guidance and encouragement as you strategize your way to success, you are in the right place!

Ready to have some one to one targeted coaching to focus your life and help you accomplish your goals?  Looking for concrete tips and an action plan to get you ready to launch forward in your relationships, business, and effectiveness?  Check out the options below and let me know which one works best for you.  I look forward to working with you and helping you create Your Best Moment!

A La Carte Options:


Be Here Now: Guided Meditation Download
The key to overcoming so many of our obstacles is to quiet the mind and care for our bodies. This 17 minute guided mindfulness relaxation will allow you to observe your mental, emotional, and physical state and help you to experience necessary, healthy relaxation.

Toddlers Without Tantrums: eBook
As moms we have so much on our plates, especially if we stay at home with our kids when they are little. Let me take some of the burden and pressure off of you if you have little ones under the age of 3. Based on these tried and true methods, you can teach your infant how to communicate early in order to avoid the “terrible twos”! In this book you will find 4 concrete ways to increase your child’s communication skills as well as a full section on gentle discipline that REALLY works!


DREAM: An efficiency and goal mastery course for Mompreneurs – 4 weeks to an efficient, more fulfilling life using the 5-step DREAM framework!

Hack the Newborn Daze: A group coaching and support experience for new mommas (0-3 months post-partum) – streamline your household, get the support you need, and focus on your new joy!

Finding Your Why: A course for anyone struggling with motivation and follow-through – mindfulness and effective goal-setting are the keys to pushing through the doubts. Focused strategies to find and hold onto your motivation!

Stage Presence and Confidence tips for Entrepreneurs: A quick course designed to give you a leg up when it comes to being in front of other people onstage or online!

Individual Coaching:

DISC Personality Profile and analysis:

This personality profile will give you incredible insight into your personality and will help kickstart your path to achieving your goals. If you are looking for more clarity on who you were meant to be and how you are meant to accomplish your life purpose, the DISC profile and 60 minute DISC analysis with Coach Elyssa is the answer. You will come away with clear conclusions about how you operate best at work and in your relationships, and you will be able to form a cohesive and authentic strategy to move in the direction of your best and highest purpose. With this package you receive:

  • The official DISC profile assessment
  • Your official DISC results for your records
  • One hour DISC analysis phone call with Coach Elyssa
    • Investment: $150

    The Efficient Momma Package:

    This package is for the mom who needs strategies for streamlining her life to make her more effective in her business and in her family life. She is someone who wants success without having to sacrifice the things that mean the most to her. Through customized methods, this package will jumpstart you on the road to your rendezvous with your maximum potential. With personalized coaching, the DISC profile, and exclusive resources designed to help you cut out non-essentials from your life, you will find that you have more time for the things that truly matter. Included in this package:

  • DISC personality assessment and analysis ($150 value)
  • Time Manager Kickstart
  • Finding Your Why PDF Download ($25 value)
  • 4 individual 60-minute coaching phone calls ($600 value) INCLUDES:
    • Assessment of internal and external obstacles to success
    • Establishment of internal and external goals
    • Execution of tangible strategies and systems to promote empowerment and breakthrough
      (streamlining schedule, efficiency and focus techniques, personal growth systems)
      • Total Value = $775 Total Investment: $497

    The Masterful Mindful Momma Package

    This all-encompassing package is for the mom who feels stuck and wants a total overhaul of her current approach to balance and success. The Masterful Mindful Momma package will take you from in over your head swimming upstream and missing out on your dreams to gently floating with the current so you can fulfill your highest and best purpose. This package offers more one-to-one guidance than the other options from Coach Elyssa in the form of the free app: Voxer. Leave real-time walkie-talkie type voice messages when you are stressed, stuck, or when you have a win to celebrate! Whether you have reached a ceiling with your home business or you are struggling with balance with your family, you will find the help and guidance you need. Manage your time more effectively, increase your business and income potential, and reduce parenting difficulties so you can maximize the joy and peace in your household. If you are looking for intensive, customized, individual support and guidance, this is the package for you!

    • DISC personality assessment and analysis ($150 value)
    • Time Manager Kickstart and Finding Your Why PDF Download ($25 value)
    • Be Here Now Guided Meditation download ($10 value)
    • Email support for 2 months ($40 value)
    • Voxer access to Coach Elyssa for 2 months ($50 value)
    • Choice of one online course or recorded coaching class ($50 value)
    • 6 individual 60-minute coaching phone calls($900 value)
      • Assessment of internal and external obstacles to success
      • Establishment of internal and external goals
      • Execution of tangible strategies and systems to promote empowerment and breakthrough
        • Total Value = $1225Total Investment: $797

        • Hourly coaching:

          If you are not ready to pursue an entire strategy-setting package, you can also book appointments with Coach Elyssa hour by hour. Hourly coaching includes:

          • Initial consultation plus strategies, homework, and systems to put in place to reach your goals
            • Investment: $150/hour